Diet for Preventing Kidney Stones

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Kidney stone is one of the most crucial problems, faced by men and women. Kidney stones lead to several health issues and restrict physical efficiency. It is moreover painful and causes distress in kidney and surrounding regions. Patients must either go for operation or have heavy doses of medicines for passing out the accumulated stones.

There are different causes of developing kidney stones. Of them, unhealthy diets and irregular eating habits are most common reasons. In order to avoid kidney stones and maintain healthy lifestyle, one must incorporate the following diet in daily lifestyle. For those who have a tendency to develop kidney stones; they can prevent it by strictly adhering to the diet constraints.

Drinking Plenty of Water

First of all, adequate intake of water is most essential for preventing stones. By consuming more water, juices and healthy liquids, body gets more fluid and therefore hydrates. This minimizes the chances of forming stones and maintains normal functioning of kidneys. With lower water consumption, body dehydrates, which gradually leads to formation of kidney stones.

Consuming Good Amount of Calcium

Calcium is another rich source of preventing kidney stones and other kidney-related disorders. By consuming lower amount of calcium, levels of oxalate rise and as a result stones get formed in kidneys. The ideal way is to ensure sufficient calcium intake, according to age. According to studies, 50+ men must have 1,000mg of calcium per day along with 800 to 1,000 international units (IU) of Vitamin D to help the body for absorbing calcium.

Reducing Sodium Intake

Diet that is rich in sodium increases calcium content in urine, which invites kidney stones. Low-sodium diet is a must for those prone to kidney stones. According to current dietary guidelines, sodium intake should ideally be limited to 2,300mg. Patients to whom sodium has previously caused kidney damage, they need to lower down their intake to 1,500mg. This will also be good for heart and blood pressure.

Limiting Animal Protein Consumption

Excess consumption of animal protein such as poultry, eggs, red meat and seafood increases uric acid levels. This influences the chances of developing uric acid stones in kidneys. High-protein diet also decreases citrate levels. Citrate is a chemical in urine which is responsible for preventing stone formation. Lowering protein consumptions to moderate levels is also healthy for heart.

Avoiding Stone-forming Food

Foods like chocolates, spinaches, beets, tea, rhubarb and most nuts have high oxalate levels, which enhance the chances of having kidney stones. Colas, rich in phosphate also lead to kidney stones. Therefore, these are best to avoid or shall be consumed in minimum amount. Also, it has been seen that men consuming higher doses of Vitamin C have slightly higher risk of developing stones. It is so because body converts Vitamin C into oxalate, which contributes to kidney stones.

By following the above diet plan, one shall not only prevent kidney stone formation but also maintain good and healthy kidneys for lifetime.

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