Q: What do you mean by Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?
A: Erectile dysfunction is also known as ED and refers to the inability to achieve as well as sustain an erection during sexual intercourse.

Q: I am a 50 year old man and quite fit and healthy. I have all the time in the world and I would really like to enjoy the time I have with my wife. However, I am not being able to achieve an erection and unable to maintain firm erection. Why so?
A: It is okay to get frustrated. But in order to understand why it is happening, it is essential to know the underlying factors. You need to know why and how erections happen as the entire mechanism behind is complicated. However, to put in simply in one sentence, we can say that erection initiates in the brain. When a man is aroused, the stimuli sends a signal to the penis through the nervous system which in turn causes a series of chemicals in the penis to be released. These chemicals are responsible for triggering sponge like tissues in the penis which ultimately fills with blood and causes erection. One fault in this entire mechanism can cause Erectile Dysfunction.

Q: Can Young Men get affected by ED?
A: Yes, younger men can also get affected by ED. However, with age this problem intensifies and it is more frequently seen in older men. Most of the men experience ED at some point in their lives by the time they turn 40. Massachusetts Male Aging Study suggests that 40 percent of the mean belonging to the age group 40 start experiencing problems whereas 70 percent of the men belonging to the age group 70 experience this problem. Usually, the percentage of ED increases with age from 5% to 15%.

Q: My relationship is getting affecting due to my ED problem. What should I do?
A: It is quite common for the men who are experiencing problems achieving an erection to fail in leading a healthy sexual life. When a man becomes aware of his in capabilities, he often becomes depressed or stressed which can worsen the situation even more. However, your partner becomes affected at the end of the day as she hesitates talking about it and avoids intimacy with you. It can create a huge distance between you and your partner to an extent that she might think you are cheating on her. In order to avoid such complications, you need to talk about your problems with your partner. You need to confide in her and ask for help so that you both can look for medical options which can prove to be useful in this case. So, don’t be embarrassed and speak up.

Q: Is Erectile Dysfunction is one of the symptoms of Aging?
A: No. ED doesn't necessarily have to be a symptom or a part of aging. Even though it is true that older men need more stimulation to get aroused or get an erection, but once they achieve an erection, they can enjoy sex.

Q: I don’t know whether I have ED or not. How can I find out? I don't want to go to a doctor right now. A: Most of the men experience ED at some point in their lives but in order to be sure, you should click on this click and fill the questionnaire as it will help you to self-assess which in turn will help you to determine whether you have ED or not.

Q. Can smoking and drinking cause ED?
A: Yes, they both can. Smoking damages the blood vessels which results in slowing down the flood flow to the penis. And, alcohol slows down the central nervous system which will make it difficult for you to get an erection.

Q: Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Prevented?
A: Of course but you need to put sincere efforts and work hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy food to avoid heart problems. Watch your weight, devote time in physical exercise, avoid drinking too frequently and quit smoking. Apart from that is important to keep your cholesterol level along with the blood pressure level in control. Physical activities or exercised along with healthy living is the key to long and healthy sex life as well.

Q: How can Erectile Dysfunctionbe Treated?
A: There are a wide array of options and ways that can be used to treat ED which includes oral medications, surgery, P or penile injections and the revolutionary therapy - LSWT. You can click here for more details.

Q: What is LSWT and how does it work?
A: LSWT is basically a scientifically proven solution and works wonders in improving blood flow in the penis. It has been proved effective in curing erectile dysfunction and has helped the patients not only to achieve but maintain dependable erections as well. The main advantage of this therapy is its ability to permanently improve and potentially cure impotence orerectile dysfunction.

LSWT basically is designed in a way so that the low density shockwaves can focus on the affected area thereby increasing the stimuli and treating the affected area which treats the tissue and growth of the new blood vessels. This particular treatment is carried out on patients in an outdoor setting. This treatment has no side effects and is non-invasive. The patients can even get back to their normal day to day activities immediately after getting the procedure done. In order to watch a demo, click here.

Q: Does LSWT use any medication. Are there any side effects of LSWT?
A: LSWT has no side effects whatsoever. And no it does not require use of any medication either. This therapy doesn’t cause stress to any other organs or healthy tissues. It doesn’t even require any sedation or anaesthesia. It is a scientifically researched, tested and proven to be effective therapy which ensures promising results after a few sessions only.

Q: How is LSWT more advanced than the currently administered treatments like oral medications (Viagra, etc.) or penile injections?
A: LSWT is a more permanent solution than a temporary fix. It cures rather than offering temporary relief. It also restores the blood-flow into the penis and improves the quality of erection. This particular form of treatment is well-researched and is painless too. The patients can see promising results after undergoing a few sessions. They have no side effects either unlike the oral medications.

Q: What can I gain from LSWT? A: These are the perks of undergoing LSWT:

→ Erectile Dysfunction can be completely cured
→ Erections may improve also in terms of grading as in from lower grade to higher grade
→ Has potentials to significantly delay worsening of the erection
→ Medication dosage that are required for ED maybe totally stopped or decreased

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