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Kidney Stone Treatment Camp (11th to 24th Feb. 2017)

Free OPD & Kidney Stone Treatment starts with only Rs. 11,999 (Limited to 60 Patients only)

The renowned Care Well Kidney Stone Centre based in Delhi is engaged in offering affordable health care packages to safeguard you from nonlife-threatening and life-threatening diseases. All the therapies are offered under the guidance of a qualified and experienced general and cosmetic surgeon – Dr. Sandeep Bhasin. The medical centre employs the latest technologies in the medical field to offer the best medical treatment. Its medical therapies portfolio consists of ED cure, Urology related surgeries, treatment for hair loss, transplantation of hair, treatment for kidney stones, detoxification, Chelation therapy, and ozone therapy etc. It also has healing packages to offer the best treatment for valued customers like you.

The healthcare center offers effective treatment for life-threatening diseases too. It employs natural therapy as well to cure diseases like multiple sclerosis, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. Its medical team consists of qualified and trained general surgeon, cosmetic surgeon, urologist as well as trained staff to provide dedicated treatment and medical services for valued clients. It employs the latest technologies such as biodentical hormones, cosmetic surgery, fillers, skin lasers, weight management, botox and peels for anti-aging solutions for people like you.

The trained staff at this medical center offers training sessions as well as treatments including stress management, panch karma therapies, quantum healing, rebirthing, and craniosacral balancing etc. The dedicated team and latest medical equipment are available to offer the best medical care for your immediate needs. All the health care packages and procedures are affordable. You can even get a consultation before undergoing the treatment.

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