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Tattoos – A deeper and chromatic expression of oneself


Individuals have always had tattoos done on their body, be it a symbol, animal, memory of a person, spiritual, etc. The earliest tattoo or body art or “tatau” dates back to thousands of years BC, but modern tattooing began in the late 1800’s in the city of New York. A tattoo is a body art made by inserting ink into the skin with the help of a needle and it. Pre-historic methods of tattoo art were quite painful and unhygienic, whilst the modern methods are almost painless and extremely safe.

The Tattoo and You

Millions of individuals have started getting tattoos on their skin, as they feel it is an extension of oneself, a memory, or even for the sake of feeling good, or about getting a symbol that defines them. Ancient tattoo instruments were needles that were created from various bone fragments, wood or steel. It is what makes us feel powerful and confident about ourselves. Modern tattoo artists use technology to fabricate the finest designs as well push the boundaries of tattoo with magnificent creations that can mesmerize the human mind and soul.

The Modern Tattoo Process

Tattoos are permanent markings made on the skin with needles into the top layer of the skin or the epidermis. A plethora of ink types and pigments are used to create tattoos, this ink moves into the second layer of the skin making the process permanent, it stays for an entire as a result of the stability of the dermis. The tattoo machine moves on a pulsating mechanism that moves the needle up and down and as a result pushes the ink into the skin. This machine can be classified into various types- Pneumatic, Coil and Rotary. New technology has enabled tattoo machines to be state-of-the-art high precision, accuracy, force, speed, safety and lots more. This process can take from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on the complexity of the design or an individual may even have to go for multiple sittings to get the tattoo done.

For the process to start a tattoo artist needs to disinfect their hands with soap, the process continues with shaving of the area if it is required and a stencil sketch. The tattoo artist shall then put on new gloves and a mask, whilst cleaning the area with a disinfectant and a layer of petroleum jelly for the process to be painless. An outline of the design would be created with needles and then the portion to be colored would need thick needles to complete the process. If there is blood it would be cleaned by a disposable towel or cloth, on finishing the tattoo, the area would again be cleaned and bandaged.

Need to be Safe during the Process

Safety is the key when it comes to tattoos, an individual needs to take complete care to get a tattoo as the ink breaches the lower layer of the skin, this can cause allergic reactions, infections, blood related diseases, and other serious complications. When receiving a tattoo piercing, it is imperative that all the conditions are hygienic. If you have prior conditions such as allergies, diabetes, heart problems, it is best advised to avoid having a tattoo done, as it can actually worsen the situation.

Taking care of your masterpiece

Individuals need to take care of their tattoos, it needs time to heal, the bandage needs to be kept for a day, and people are advised not to touch the tattooed area until it heals completely. Also need to keep it away from water, until it fully heals and do not rub it as it may fade it.


If you are certainly interested in getting a tattoo done, go ahead and get one or many, that’s up to you. Remember, a tattoo is an expression of oneself and it should not be done because someone else has done, it or under peer pressure. So, if you do want to ink your body, and feel good about it, go right ahead!

If you are looking for tattoo removal, there are various tattoo removal surgeries & techniques wherein, Care Well Medical Center can actually remove your tattoo(s) with safety and without much pain:

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