10 Tips to Protect Your Kidneys

10 Tips to Protect Your Kidneys

Healthy kidneys are very essential to ensure a long and disease free life. The care we take to maintain our kidneys project on our body also. Kidney ailments are silent killers and its negligence bound to affect our lifestyle and turn our lives upside down in a short span. The role of kidneys in deciding one’s health is often under-rated. Kidneys play a vital role in daily waste disposal and proper functioning of all other organs. It regulates blood pressure, cleans blood, balances the fluid in the body, act as Vitamin D activators and filters and flushes off toxins from the body.

While it is not possible to negate all the factors contributing to kidney malfunction, one can ensure that we don’t over-do or underestimate a precaution or safety measure suggested by experts.

High blood pressure, diabetes, family history of kidney ailments are all factors which puts you at a higher risk of kidney failure or related diseases. But even if these factors don’t apply to you, it is essential to take care of one of the most important organs of the human body “KIDNEYS”. Let us look into tips to a healthy kidney.

  • Drink adequate water: This is the first and foremost requirement for healthy kidneys. The normal water consumption prescribed is half an ounce per pound of weight. Drinking more water in a dry and hot climate or after a heavy exercise is highly recommended.
  • Eating a low phosphorus and oxalate diet: Avoiding diet rich in oxalates and phosphorus which tend to accumulate and block the kidneys leading to more serious and irreparable problems like calcification of tissues, bone and cardiac disorders which can prove fatal. Oxalates also tends to lead to kidney blockages. Anyways, balancing the oxalate level & calcium is the best method to prevent calcium kidney stones
  • Use caution with Ayurvedic supplements and remedies: Taking excessive supplements and ayurvedic remedies without proper consultation injures the kidneys. These herbal supplements might overdose and if not assimilated by the body is disposed as waste. This will get accumulated in the kidneys leading to blockage or failure.
  • Overdosing of antibiotics or over-counter drugs:Certain medications like Ibuprofen can be heavy on the kidneys and can damage them if taken over a period of time. Such medications are for occasional pain or rare usage and should not be over-done.
  • Consuming green food: Green vegetables and leaves are an easy way to detoxify. Cilantro, parsley, dandelion leaves, celery and spinach are excellent detoxifiers and good for kidney. Juicing them and drinking everyday would mean an excellent kidney health. Other than these, other fruits and vegetables which would improve kidney health are- watermelon, cranberries, cauliflower, strawberries, etc.
  • Weight loss and kidney: Overweight and obese people are sure to overload their kidneys and slowing them down. There are many cases of obesity linked with kidney cancer. A proper healthy diet and a toned down body would always keep your kidneys working and healthy.
  • Controlling blood pressure and diabetes: Blood pressure and diabetes are major contributors for kidney diseases. Staying healthy and eating right are our safest means for a healthy kidney.
  • Avoiding Smoking and alcohol: Avoiding smoking and alcohol is always a good thing and would give you a healthy lifestyle. These produce toxins in our body and cause hindrance in maintaining the body’s fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balance which would overload our kidneys, form blockages and ultimately lead to failure.
  • Bathing in Epsom salts: This is another effective way of maintaining kidney health. Epsom salts are rich in magnesium which is very essential for healthy kidneys. Bathing in this would detoxify the body, de-stress and keep you healthy.
  • Exercising daily: This is a regime one must follow not only for kidney but to maintain overall health. Keep obesity, high carbohydrates and blood pressure at bay by simple exercises and yoga everyday. Also, keep a frequent check on the kidney functioning through routine kidney function screening and other tests.

Kidneys are an important part of our body. That is why we have two kidneys and not one! Keep yourself healthy and follow a healthy lifestyle and be assured that your kidneys will be hale and healthy throughout your lifetime.

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